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VALALLDAY x fashion blog

Wanna come on sunday? Just go japanese shop and art box and chinky town and watever... even though its a few girls xD I didnt really bleach my hair blonde. I was about to yesterday but den I was like whhaaat noo I need my hair to grow a litte first but I do have blonde tips and a ginger fringe xD hahs

Uhmm… I’ll see if I can o.o ooh Japanese shop and art box sounds interesting, where is that?? eh I don’t fit in well with a bunch of girls ;~; haha like always. could you come off anon or something please

Shhhhhhhhh I go away nows. No pictures for you. Ok im officially going to stop sending messages .. maybe. pfft. Actually I'm heading central London on sunday with some people for shopping. You my fwend but not really a fwend coz I no stay *cries* o wells. *pokes* uffu~ I can stay a little longer and then I go byebye world coz coz... I hate life and yh. Hue.

nuhh don’t go but you can if you want lols Ooh that sounds great! I hope you have fun on sunday :) its ok I still consider you as a friend lol :) stay longer if you want idm noo don’t be silly -.- things will get better, don’t worry.


will you still love me when im no longer young with nice lighting and good filters

Nu uh. This is the 2nd message I'm gonna send to u and pretty much the final one coz I am going away and won't be coming back. I won't be able to meet up with u again and drink ur nasty tea *gags* ... news update * bleached my hair all blonde again ~ So yh. Saying goodbye to every1. Have fun in uni. Make sure u've made fwends... if not... then *hugs* even though I've only hugged u like 2 or 3 times? Meet up with ur online fwends I'm sure they "care" about u... haha better than nothing... bye.

You’ve sent me 3 so far including this one xD you don’t have to go away but if it makes you happy then go for it lol I know I don’t expect it either -.- how can you not like bubble tea?? oh cool :o take pics :) really pointless to say goodbye to your friends when you talk to them again, but whatever I’m here to talk if u ever need so yeah’. Mhmm i’ll try to make some friends but idk, pretty hard to do so :c and you should do the same too, go meet up with your friends, maybe you’d feel a bit happier

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